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Eagle Hills has categorized suppliers in three groups: General, Consultant and Contractor.


General services, operations, office equipment and all related categories including marketing, HR, travel, mock-ups, administration, IT, FM, etc.


Local and international master planners, design consultants, cost consultants, program management and all related consultancy services in relation to all kinds of developments and asset classes for any project globally.


Local and international contractors in relation to all kinds of developments and asset classes for any project globally.

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Submitting a supplier application neither guarantees a supplier that an invitation to submit a tender will be issued, nor grants that the technical aspects of a tender submitted by the supplier will automatically meet our technical criteria for a specific project. The pre-qualified list of suppliers will be used by Eagle Hills as a guide only, and tender invitations will be issued by Eagle Hills entirely at its own discretion.

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For enquiries related to supplier pre-qualification and registration, please contact us on:
Toll Free: 800-EHAD
International: +971 2 497 9999