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About the master development

Kalba Waterfront boasts a magnificent view of a serene lagoon lined by mangroves, surrounded by the most beautiful natural scenery in the UAE. The mall offers an outdoor shopping experience, along with a variety of indoor and outdoor restaurants and a children's play area, in addition to a magnificent park around the lagoon, allowing guests to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and a peaceful retreat on the lakeside promenade. Kalba Waterfront is designed as an integrated family community that aims to meet the needs of visitors and surrounding local communities. The mall features a supermarket, a family entertainment centre and a large food court.

A convenient, compelling shopping experience

Kalba Waterfront has been designed as a family destination, offering its visitors the best of shopping and entertainment. Along with meeting the everyday needs of local people, the mall will also offer a wide variety of dining options and a choice of top fashion brands that cater to all members of the family.

Dining, served with views of the lagoon

The mall’s unique location at the edge of the stunning lagoon will offer diners an incredible view, while they enjoy a fantastic array of local and international cuisines. The serene outdoor space has been carefully designed to include shades and features that will encourage visitors to enjoy the relaxing al fresco dining experience overlooking the mangrove-lined lagoon.

Entertainment for all ages

Kalba Waterfront will thrill young adults and kids of all ages with a unique Play Zone dedicated to the proven concept of ‘sportainment’. The Play Zone will span an area of 1,600 sqm and will include trampolines, skating, free falls, rope courses, climbing, zip wires, clip ‘n climb, simulators, video games and much more.


  • New concepts in family entertainment
  • Direct access to the boulevard and promenade
  • Options to dine, shop and walk
  • 300 parking spaces
  • Beachfront promenade

The project is located along the Kalba Corniche and the Lagoon Node within the Kalba Eco-Tourism Project. This zone aims to provide an array of retail and hospitality services targeting residents and visitors. The location can be accessed via Fujairah – Kalba road from the north, Sharjah – Kalba road from the west and Al Batinah Highway.


Sharjah is poised to be one of the main players in the international business community within the UAE, with a stable investment environment that allows the Emirate to compete at a global level. Sharjah has already registered a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% during 2008 to 2010, the economy was reported to be growing at 3.5%, and in 2016 the city reported a GDP growth close to 2%. The stability is reportedly attributed to the city’s economy, which possesses one of the highest levels of diversification in the region, a strong manufacturing presence and an abundance of small and medium-sized enterprises. The four largest sectors contributing to the city’s economy are real estate and business services, manufacturing, mining, quarrying and energy sectors, as well as wholesale and retail trade.

Moreover, Sharjah holds a 10% share of the UAE tourism economy, which is one of the cornerstones of UAE’s plan for a diversified economy. The city has also achieved major milestones in developing cultural eco-tourism. Today, the key focus areas that aim to transform the Emirate’s economy are the environment, real estate, healthcare, transport and logistics, and travel and leisure sectors.



The retail offering in Kalba is focused on street shops and traditional souqs, which comprise approximately 80% of the total retail space in the entire Sharjah territory of Kalba on the east coast of the UAE. These retail outlets, along with the malls in Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai, currently serve the local market in Kalba. From one perspective, Kalba City is well served given its small population base and proximity to Fujairah. However, retail spend that is currently leaking out to Fujairah and Dubai could be confined if a high-quality mall with a community feel is developed.