Marassi Al Bahrain Hosts Island’s First Kayak and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Race

Manama, 7 November 2016: Marassi Al Bahrain, the region’s premiere urban waterfront project, offering high end homes, shopping, leisure and entertainment, hosted Bahrain’s first kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) race this weekend. Fifty-three participants competed in the event, which drew families and fitness and water sports enthusiasts from across the country. Competitors paddled a course of 380 and 800 meters, setting off and finishing at Marassi Al Bahrain’s beach, which is hosting a series of weekend activities for the public.
SUP is a variation of surfing in which riders stand on their boards and use paddles to propel themselves through the water. It is a relatively new sport in the region which has seen great popularity in Bahrain in the last few years, and has a large following worldwide. The event attracted over 300 spectators and had four categories: kayak, SUP, surf-ski and rowing boats. It was organised by Paddle Sport Marine, in association with the Bahrain Maritime Association and Marassi Al Bahrain. The objective of the event is to promote the paddling sport in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to take it to a new level. 
Marassi Al Bahrain is a project developed by Eagle Hills Diyar, a private real estate investment and development company based in Bahrain. The 875,000 square metre waterfront destination, located on the eastern shores of the master-development Diyar Al Muharraq, includes a range of residential, lifestyle, shopping and hospitality components.