Sava Promenada; a complete destination

A 1.8 km long strip along the Sava River, known as Sava Promenada, has recently contributed to breathing life into the heart of the Savamala district, adding a new dimension to waterfront living.

Lined by BW Galerija, W Belgrade, restaurants, cafés, food trucks, cycle paths, walkways, a children's play area and more, Sava Promenada is defining itself as a must-visit leisure and tourist attraction. The rich history and tradition of Belgrade became an inspiration to create different artistic content that will adorn the promenade. Take a jog through this picturesque urban corner, whilst enjoying the view of the Sava River, or stop by Savanova, the new exhibition area of Belgrade Waterfront in the extension of the Hercegovačka street.

Savanova was built by local construction contractors and has already become one of the most popular places in the city for an afternoon lunch or romantic dinner near the river. It is a true experience of life by the river offered by Belgrade Waterfront.