Belgrade Waterfront; a new lifestyle

Built around an iconic tower in the region, Kula Belagrade, Belgrade Waterfront will breathe new life into an otherwise under-utilized site, and to the city as a whole.

This lively mixed-use quarter along the Sava River is connected with the historic town by an efficient tram network. The new centre will become a hub for businesses of all kinds, with a focus on technology and design, creating over 20,000 jobs - Belgrade Waterfront will be a strong social and economic growth catalyst of the city. 

A home for over 14,000 people, the integrated master-planned community will comprise commercial hubs, hotels, educational institutions, healthcare amenities, in addition to parks featuring leisure attractions. Belgrade Waterfront will also feature a Cultural District and a Historic Plaza, contributing to further turning the city into a cultural and artistic hub.

Belgrade Waterfront will be anchored by St. Regis Belgrade, an iconic tower serving as the beacon of the entire master-planned community. The 1.8 km long Sava Promenada adds a new dimension to waterfront living, while a central park, several world-class hotels and a Grand Boulevard lined by cafes, restaurants and retail outlets add to the lifestyle appeal of the heart of the community, defining it as the must-visit leisure and tourist attraction. Developed to the highest standards of sustainability, Belgrade Waterfront draws on the architectural and cultural heritage of the region.

Choose your future home with an impressive view of the Confluence of Sava and Danube rivers.